At Sunset, Facing East: A Memoir in Poetry


Bill Jones’s nearly 65 years on Earth have filled the man with wonder. He’s heard the voices of family through five generations, the young magically echoing the old. He’s witnessed the world of anthrax and America’s cities set on fire, seen the impossible become all too possible. In the US, Mexico, Colombia, and Jamaica, he’s traveled roads not often taken. He’s been haunted by dreams which spoke the truth and gave him new direction. For him, life burns brightest in the scenes he can’t forget. Such scenes are his clear focus in At Sunset, Facing East.

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Product Description

This collection includes over 60 poems written over the last 35 years. Roughly half of the collection has appeared in print in poetry journals and other publications, and that work is presented together now for the first time with new writing.

At Sunset, Facing East is an absorbing journey through one man’s life—its humor, its wonder, its despair and its dreams. Turning the pages, you feel the light coming and going, the sudden appearance of shadows, the darkness making quiet entrance.

This is a poet who believes that life itself is the great poem one is writing, and the book dazzles with its rigorous and passionate contemplation of what it means to be alive.”
—Kendra Kopelke, Poet, Editor of Passager and author of Eager Street and Hopper’s Women


Bill Jones, a longtime writer and teacher, lives with his wife, Jane Croghan Jones, in Baltimore, Maryland. His poetry has appeared in The Baltimore Review, Borderlands: The Texas Poetry Review, California Quarterly, The Comstock Review, The Connecticut River Review, Gargoyle, Loch Raven Review, Passager, and numerous other publications. He is a past recipient of a Baltimore Artscape Literary Arts Award for Poetry for his chapbook Swimming at Night