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Who is Apprentice House?

Apprentice House Press is a book publisher based at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore. We publish books in diverse genres. Our criteria? The work must be good, and the author must be good with whom to work.

Our authors are fully engaged in the publication process, from the beginnings of manuscript development to the final book design. >>> Learn More

Experiential Learning

Apprentice House was developed by faculty at Loyola University Maryland to provide a learning lab for students seeking experience in the book publishing industry.

With the industry in flux, AH provides the experience needed to place our students in internships and management-level jobs at book publishers. >>> Learn More

News & Notes

Bio of Baltimore’s Ed Hale Released

“Hale Storm” Chronicles the Life of Baltimore’s Ed Hale Kevin Cowherd’s biography of Baltimore icon provides new details on Hale’s swings and misses, including a life with the CIA. The new biography of Ed Hale by best-selling author and former Baltimore Sun columnist... read more

New Release: I’m Not Chinese

Author Ray Wong’s new book, I’m Not Chinese, has hit the stands. It’s a tale of his experience renouncing—and his path to embracing—his Chinese heritage. Wong is a dynamic writer whose story will inspire readers. “Seldom have the terms... read more

Upcoming Events

November 2 @ 3 p.m. Kat Spitzer, author of Happy Hypochondriac series Hard Bean Coffeehouse and Booksellers at City Dock in Annapolis 36 Market Space, Annapolis, MD 21401 November 8 @ Baltimore Blast Opening Game Release of Hale Storm, a biography of Baltimore’s... read more

New Releases from Apprentice House Press